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Fotemah Mba.

The children of Cameroon captured the heart of our founder, Fotemah Mba, during a homecoming trip he took after being away for 18 years. While on his trip, he noticed that the children who were fortunate enough to go to school, generally lacked the necessities that they needed to study.  These children did not have access to books, writing utensils, and other simple things that a child should not have to worry about. What he learned was that it was a struggle to obtain an education in an underdeveloped country like Cameroon, and that little was being done by the school system or government to subsidize the supplies that the children needed.  Fotemah immediately began thinking of how he could make a difference.


The son of an educator and a diplomat, Fotemah Mba was born in Cameroon and became professionally known as the Director of A&R at the Red Republic. He went on to build a successful career in the United States by managing top-charting music collaborations with the industry’s top music executives and artists. Fotemah’s ear for music and love for making sure the elements of music are cohesive, has been the catalyst for the many of the relationships he has today.  


Fotemah has now dedicated himself to Jump Africa, a nonprofit organization whose mission is to create a better opportunity for education and a brighter future to every child in underprivileged areas in Africa. This mission is accomplished by taking containers of supplies, such as textbooks and medical supplies, to the places that lack these resources. Not only does he raise money to support this effort, he physically retrieves the supply containers once they are shipped to Africa and hand delivers these thousands of books to the villages that need them.  A true philanthropist, Fotemah is also part owner of a Cameroonian school, has helped to build two libraries and equipped the labs with computers.  In the United States, Fotemah shows his commitment to the community helping children by routinely volunteering with Books for Africa Inc., mentoring youth, and influencing major entertainment ‘brand ambassadors’ to join the cause. Fotemah Mba, a cheerful giver, continues to make a difference by radiating his time and goodwill for the betterment of students and, essentially, the entire country. He believes Africa is the future influence of the world.


Let’s JUMP Together!!

Join Us in Making Progress today.  JUMP now and together we can give hope to the children that need all of us to be successful.  Here are 3 easy ways that you can help:

  • You can JUMP by making a charitable monetary or in-kind donation to support our current programs, ranging from building libraries; conducting medical missions, and awarding youth scholarships to providing essential medical supplies to different hospitals.

  • You can JUMP by volunteering on one of our next missions trips to Africa.  We can always benefit from your professional experience in administration, logistics, and/or event planning. We cannot do what we do without YOU.  Make a difference and JUMP NOW!

  • You can JUMP by advocating and spreading the word about JUMP Africa’s work with African children. Most of our most faithful donors give to support our efforts by donating a small amount each month AND  sharing it on Social Media.



JUMP Africa’s Goodwill Ambassadors are Celebrity supporters of JUMP Africa who love and support our mission They have seen and committed to the work that JUMP Africa is doing to impact lives across Africa. Therefore, they have volunteered to use their talent and fame to bring awareness to our causes.


Our Heart Ambassadors are individuals who have the heart to give in a variety of tangible ways. They have demonstrated their support for Jump Africa- time and time again- through monetary contributions, volunteerism, recruiting volunteers, and spreading awareness about our causes in the community.







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